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Advanced Pre-Purchase Anti-Counterfeiting Solution

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Product Anti-Counterfeiting for Customers

Our QV Code is built on pre-purchase validation employing consumer scannable codes supported by sophisticated AI algorithms to give customers a "Quick Validator" instantly at the time of sale by just using their mobile camera interface as a scanning device. No need for specialized tools or scratch-off codes or keys

Product Anti-Counterfeiting for OEM Companies:

For the brands joining our network, the QV Code is a straightforward integration into the product packaging as a secure scannable label, guaranteeing their customers' happiness with "Genuine" product guarantees before they pay and unbox the product. removing all uncertainty in the customer's mind regarding whether they are receiving a Genuine or Fake product. Additionally, ensuring that no revenue leaks from bogus counterfeits.

Product Anti-Counterfeiting for the Supply chain

The "Quick Validator" Code (QV Code) offers multi-scan functionality to address the full supply chain (Sales and Distribution Channel). Additionally, the QV Code offers global geolocation capabilities for maintaining complete supply chain monitoring transparency from the original equipment manufacturer to the point of sale.

For Sales & Marketing

In addition to raising Sales Revenue and ensuring the satisfaction of Customers The marketing team is given the choice by the QV Code to present the user's purchasing experience after the QV Code is scanned with an Augmented Customer Interface for a dynamic product presentation of FAB product details, photos, videos, and downloadable marketing collateral, including a Social Media Connect.


Providing Fast & Easy Product Buying Experience for Customer Delight


For Product Anti-Counterfeiting

  • AI Platform to Manage Anti-Counterfeiting
  • Every Code is Unique and has its own Finger Print
  • Cannot be duplicated or copied
  • Fraud and Copy detection technology
  • Encrypted AI Algorithm
  • Secured Cloud Network